“Ace of Cups” starts in Ayancık

Our European Solidarity Corps, Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas project “Ace of Cups”, which has been approved by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency, starts on 11 July.
In our 16-day long activity, we will carry out fun and interactive activities with teams of young people from Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece and Ayancık for the people of Ayancık and the residents of Babaçay and Yanikonak Villages aiming at the welfare and rehabilitation of people of all ages affected by the flood disaster on 11 August 2021 and will also shoot a short documentary film with citizens who experienced the flood disaster closely.
After completing our preparations until 15 July, we will appear in front of the public with our events between 16 – 24 July. We will also announce the venue and times of the events in upcoming days.


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