Our First Team Volunteers in Bosnia

Our first short-term volunteers – Elena Mori, Alice Cian, Luca Rifiorati from Italy and Clara Morer Andrades and Cristina Castro Robles from Spain – completed their tasks in Sarajevo with our European Solidarity Corps Humanitarian Aid Volunteering project “HAND”, which was accepted by the Executive Agency (EACEA), participated in the 50-day volunteering activity, where EPEKA and our Irish partner Viatores Christi were the sending organizations and the Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO) was the hosting organisation and carried out activities for refugees in refugee camps in Bosnia.
In Usivak (temporary refugee camp), our volunteers prepared containers of second-hand clothes and shoes and separated them by age and gender. They took on the task of distributing these products to refugees. They created brochures promoting designer Aleksandra Lovric’s No Nation Fashion (NNF) project and prepared an exhibition to raise awareness of immigration issues. They helped an immigrant take part in an NNF project, a fashion course organized by the University of Fashion in Paris, with the aim of gaining a scholarship at that university. They made the barber shop functional and found volunteer barbers to cut people’s hair. They worked in the organization of religious holiday banquets. They helped immigrants with their needs regarding the camp and the services offered. They worked on tasks such as registering kitchen users and managing the canteen during lunch, verifying identity information and the number of daily users. They supported IOM staff in carrying out social activities (sports, drawing, sewing, etc.) in the camp, and provided animation with games and music in special areas for children, unaccompanied minors and families. They supported IOM staff in doing their laundry and playing with the children. They translated Spanish-speaking refugees.
Working in this reception center on the Balkan route, they dealt with the constant and mass influx of migrants entering and exiting the camp for short periods of time, providing them with basic needs such as food, water, personal hygiene, shelter and cleaning, and their medical care. We would like to express our endless gratitude to our volunteers who successfully completed these difficult tasks.

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