Our Second Team Volunteers in Bosnia

Our second team volunteers – Helena Beceiro Cagiao and Patricia Mochon Robledo from Spain, Coralie Crabeil and Lucas Pupier from France, Mark Brophy from Ireland and Eleftherios Kallinikos-Bonezzi from Greece – completed their tasks in Sarajevo with our European Solidarity Corps Humanitarian Aid Volunteering project “HAND”, which was accepted by the Executive Agency (EACEA), participated in the 56-day volunteering activity, where EPEKA and our Irish partner Viatores Christi were the sending organizations and the Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO) was the hosting organisation and carried out activities for refugees in refugee camps in Bosnia. The volunteers provided humanitarian assistance work including help in pre-registration procedures, distribution of food and non-food items (WASH), cleaning actions and participation in informal learning and social activities implementation. They formed some relationships and bonds with beneficiaries, which was more difficult for regular staff working on camp due to all their responsibilities and tasks they need to do. They were able to speak and play games with beneficiaries. Therefore, the volunteers could spend time speaking to beneficiaries, which represents a lot for them to have someone to listen to them. With the activities the volunteers implemented, there was more life and happiness in the camp and their help yielded notable changes in the camp. We would like to express our endless gratitude to our volunteers who successfully completed these difficult tasks.

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