Chiara completed her activity in Uganda

Chiara Ciucci from Italy completed her 3-month service in Uganda with our ESC Humanitarian Aid Volunteering project “HAND”, coordinated by EPEKA and sent by our Irish partner Viatores Christi. During her volunteering activity, Chiara primarily focused on managing communication and social media aspects. Her responsibilities included creating content to promote and support the organization’s initiatives in Uganda. Chiara also experienced many differences in Uganda. One of the most profound changes she experienced was being immersed in a different culture and exposed to diverse realities. This immersion broadened her perspective, helping her recognize the subjectivity of her own norms and standards. This experience provided Chiara a variety of practical skills as well. From acquiring language skills (English and Luganda) to video editing, cooking local dishes, and even learning how to do laundry by hand, she has made many new achievements. We would like to thank Chiara for all the efforts she has made throughout her activity.

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