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The Tunisian volunteer, Dorsaf Shili, who came here with our European Solidarity Corps project “Spread Your Wings” for 8 months, has left for her home. In the project, in which the supporting organisation, our Tunisian partner, Association Solidarite Echange et Developpement, she couldn’t work with the disabled children because of corona preventions but she worked a lot for our stray friends and our Sinop. She took Turkish lessons. She developed her English skills. You can learn what Dorsaf did in her report below.
Many thanks to Dorsaf for her outstanding efforts in her activity.



Dorsaf: “The experience of volunteering and cultural change, in general, is an experience that has many benefits, especially for young people. I started my ESC project in Sinop, Turkey on the 8th of September 2020 and finished it on the 10th of May. My sending association was ASED and EPEKA was my hosting organisation.
Although the period of my project coincided with the period of the epidemic, the great coordination, preparation and follow-up between ASED and EPEKA was very encouraging.
My Project’s name: ” Spread Your Wings”
Despite Corona, I transferred diligence along with the other volunteers and did some workshops at home with the instructions and advice of Mrs Irem who helped us innovate and learn to make some handicrafts, more cultural activities as well. We learned several skills from each other, the most important is I learnt how to improve my English and thanks to the Turkish classes we got the chance to learn some Turkish.
Other skills and competencies are worth mentioning: self-reliance, control of time and pocket money.
Getting to know others’ cultures also helps to develop a sense of responsibility and foster adaptation and coexistence. We learn to accept and respect each other despite the different mentality culture, religion, race.
We learn how to be one family.
The beginning may be weird or hard to get used to some people but with time, you become inseparable
I tried to learn some skills by helping my colleagues in their innovations, and I taught them how to make the traditional Tunisian weaving, and I worked on filming a short film that tells the story of a pet.
This experience was very useful and beneficial to me as I practised my hobbies and got a view of more prospects.
It is always difficult for us to say goodbye to the volunteers while leaving once their program is over, and it was hard for me to leave, too. Because of the growth of emotional sense among us as a group.
As for the home and the pocket money it was appropriate and satisfying for us as volunteers in Sinop. We did not have problems with this issue.
In the end, I want to thank the European Solidarity Corps for this opportunity. And I hope to have more opportunities with other Erasmus projects. I want to thank EPEKA, which hosted me, and many thanks to the ASED association for this experience and their confidence.”

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