EPEKA was in Croatia

The Erasmus+ Mobility of Youth Workers, Training Course,  “Forging Mentor’s Powers” of our Croatian partner, Syncro – Synergy Croatia was held in Stubičke Toplice, Croatia between 19 – 25 September 2021 with the participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and EPEKA Turkiye. The training design covers a 5-day intensive training for mentors, containing not just information related to the ESC programme (how it works, what the key roles of stakeholders involved are, learning process, Youthpass certificate and recognition of non-formal learning), but also the specifics of the mentoring procedure (what it is, what the tasks of an ESC mentor are, what is the mentor’s profile), as well as developing concrete mentoring skills (facilitating and supporting learning, coaching techniques, evaluation of learning outcomes, uplifting volunteer’s motivation, learning to learn, among others). Ebru Karabulut and Nazlı Su Tiryaki participated in the training course from EPEKA.

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