EPEKA Hosted A Lithuanian Vet Intern

Our association supports the vet interns from abroad to do their internship with the Assocaition of Protection and Sustenance of Stray Animals every year. We provide them accommodation for free in Sinop for two months.

This year’s vet student from Lithuania Guoda Urbonaite worked in the animal shelter to save lives of the stray animals for two months and today she left Sinop. She got a lot of competences about her occupation from Vet Volkan Tuncay of the municipality and saved a lot of lives in the shelter with the Bosnian Vet Volunteer Iman Sulejmani, who is here for the Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service project of the assocciation. We thank her a lot for saving our stray animals’ lives. We wish her happiness and success in the future.






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