EPEKA Türkiye İspanya'ya WOW projesiyle bayanları gönderdi

1   EPEKA Turkiye launched another European activity between 24 – 30 April 2014. With the Grundtvig Learning Partnership project “Working On Women – WOW”, which was granted by the European Commission and the Turkish national Agency, EPEKA Turkiye sent Sinopean housewives to Albacete, Spain.

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Albacete Municipality from Spain, Quimper Municipality from France, Civil Plus Association from Greece and EPEKA Turkiye have been collaborationg on activities to support their contribution in economy. In the mobility to Spain, there was a conference on female employability and visits of handicraft workshops. The Albacete Municipality presented their works on disadvantaged women and interviewed the participants in their local radio. There was also a cultural night with the food and music of the partner countries.

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Between 24 – 30 June 2014 EPEKA Turkiye will host its partners in Sinop. In the mobility to Turkey, EPEKA Turkiye will share their work with their partners and organise cultural activities.

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