EPEKA youth were in Tunisia

Accepted by the Polish National Agency, Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Alert: Desertification” took place in Nefta, Tunisia between 04 – 13 September 2023 with a total of 48 participants from Poland, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Tunisia and Turkiye. In the project applied by our Polish partner Fundacja Projektowania zmiany edukacyjnej WYOBRAŹNIEJ and hosted by our Tunisian partner ASED Association, young people of EPEKA got a better understanding of desertification, its causes, and the relationship between desertification and climate change, identified solutions that could prevent the spread of desert and semi-desert areas in our regions/countries and found methods reaching out to the local population to be better informed and to work together towards change with their other peers under the Non-Formal Learning. During trips and cultural nights, young people developed themselves personally, socially and culturally through peer learning.

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