Fatma, Bengisu and Mert have come home

Fatma Say, Bengüsu Güneş Akbudak and Mert Sakallı, who went to Zagreb for two months with our European Solidarity Corps project “Carousel”, completed their activity. In the project, our volunteers mainly dealt with the social media management of the NGO, took part and managed the preparation of other volunteer groups and made the podcast shooting in their hosting organisation, Centar za osobni i profesionalni razvoj Syncro – Synergy Croatia. The 3 Syncoulds (activities for young people of the volunteer group they collaborated with), 3 Syncasts (live podcasts), the Scavenger Hunt organized once for children and taking photos and helping volunteers in the park workshops for children were the other activities they handled. Our volunteers created events on Facebook for each activity, gave ideas to their friends and directed them for Synclouds, posted stories and posts which they made in Canva on Instagram and Facebook, ensured that podcasts are watched live on Facebook, and then edited and shared them in necessary platforms. They learned the languages and cultures of the other volunteers from different countries and presented them with our language and culture. Our young people developed themselves in personal, social and occupational areas with the project. Many thanks to Fatma, Bengisu and Mert for their outstanding efforts in their activity.

The images our volunteers made:

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