Gönüllümüz Sonia Sinop'tan Ayrıldı


Sonia Sanchez, who came from Spain under our Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service project “It’s Your Turn”, has left Sinop. We would like to thank her very much for her great contribution in the rehabilitation center and animal shelter during her project activity.

IMG_1463  IMG_1377  IMG_1383

IMG_1476  10352940_10206297017570347_1904554687498903331_n  10991309_10206297019250389_39447946168439399_n

1621699_10206224238310911_6866712890954386510_n  11039532_10153261163963900_904319772_n  11039471_10153261163833900_2029558755_n

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