Advanced Planning Visit in India

Irem Ebru Kuru, the president of our association and Shane Halpin, the legal representative of Viatores Christi, the Irish partner of our European Solidarity Program Humanitarian Aid Volunteering “Humanitarian Aid for the Needs of Development – HAND” project which has been accepted by the Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) organized a Advanced Planning Visit to our Indian partner, Orissa State Volunteers and Social Workers Association – OSVSWA between 25 – 29 March 2023. Within the scope of the visit, Konark (the village Karamanga) under Puri District, the Sindurtaila Village, Hanadiha village of Daspalla block under Nayagarh District, the Khandabandha Village of Dhenkanal District and FSTP at Mahisapata, which are the places where our humanitarian aid volunteers will work, were visited and information was obtained from authorized persons. Practicalities for the volunteers were seen and information about mentor and training practices was received. This visit was hosted by Dillip Pattanaik, the legal representative and the project coordinator of OSVSWA.

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