IPlan-et has been approved!

The European Solidarity Corps, Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas project “IPlan-et” we applied with our Tunisian partner the Association Solidarite Echange et Developpement – ASED has been approved by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. We, Eğitim Programları ve Evrensel ve Kültürel Aktiviteler Derneği – EPEKA will be the sending organisation in the project. We will send 20 Turkish volunteers in two flows – 1 month each – to Sousse, Tunisia for cleaning beaches, streets and underwater, planting flowers and trees, decorating the public areas, organising recycling workshops for kids and adults, organising forum theatre, holding exhibitions of the recycled objects, making fictional movies on environmental issues and screening environmental movies with 24 Tunisian volunteers The volunteers will not be the only actors in the project but there will also be the whole community who will take part in our activities. All our activities will be open to the Sousse people. After all mobilities are over, in Sinop, we will organise an event to present our project to the public.
• If anyone who is between 18 – 30 years old with the Turkish ID and interested in the project, they should send an email to iremebruster@gmail.com.

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