We hosted the earthquake victims from Italy

Roberto Belleri, Meryem Demir, Jerica Camille Belen and Alberto Mariotti were caught in the earthquake on 6 February while they were volunteering in Hatay with the Italian Civil Service project. The building they were in collapsed to the side, but they managed to save their lives. They stayed on the street for 3 days. After staying in Adana for 3 days, they returned to Italy with a free flight of Pegasus. But because they needed to stay in Turkey for 3 more months and complete their voluntary service, they heard about EPEKA and contacted us. They came to Turkey again and this time to Sinop. They spent the remaining 3 months in Sinop by participating in EPEKA’s activities. This time, they returned to their hometown after completing their projects. We hope that our activities will be a bit of a balm for the trauma experienced by the Italian youth, and we wish them health, happiness and success in their future lives.

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