"Message in a Bottle" Eğitim Aracı SALTO-YOUTH'da!


The tool “Mesage in a Bottle” which was generated by the president of EPEKA Turkiye, Irem Ebru Kuru, for the project “Message in a Bottle” of Sinop Offshore Sailing Club is online at SALTO-YOUTH. 


“Message in a Bottle” is a Youth in Action training course of Sinop Offshore Sailing Club. The training course was held with 35 participants from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovenia, Ukraine and Turkey between 12 – 19 October 2013 in Sinop, Turkey.

In the project, the Non-formal learning methods were used and participants were able to learn by doing, living and interacting.

The training course aimed to provide two different kinds of learning for the participant. Firstly, they were able to learn sailing, boat making and floating to provide them some basic competence in this field. The other one is to develop their leadership and initiative with personifying themselves with the captain on a ship. 

Throughout the training course, there were methods such as conference, group work, brain storming, question-answer, simulation games, case study, ice-breakers, name games, teambuilding games with sailing, rowing, scuba diving in theory and model boat making courses by doing.

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