We are sending Oğuzhan off for his military service

We sent EPEKA’s youth leader and mentor Aziz Oğuzhan Sümer to his military service. Oğuzhan has never left us after he came to one of our association’s activities in 2018. He played an important role in the implementation of many of our activities and projects. He became the leader of young participants in youth exchanges. He helped them learn in a multicultural environment. He became the mentor of foreign volunteers. He facilitated their adaptation to both work and environment. He took care of a lot of paperwork for our projects. He prepared needs analysis for new applications. He also took care of many works of the Association for the Protection and Sustenance of Stray Animals. As well as being the mentor of the volunteers of the association, he took active roles in many garage sales, brunches, etc. He has worked for us a lot. We thank him very much. Now we are sending him off for a short time to do his military service. We wish him good luck.

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