Oumaima wrote “Sinop”

The Tunisian volunteer, Oumaima Bokchari, of our Erasmus+ Volunteering project “Life Goes On” wrote a poem called “Sinop”. Many thanks to Oumaima for her outstanding impressions.



Seeking for a holiday?

Sinop can be the best choice with its wonderful Bay.

Small city but if you don’t see it. OH! What a Pity!!

Surprising, Oh wait! I meant Mesmerizing

Soffocating?? See the Black Sea and relieved you will Be.

Sing with the seagull and dancing in the street is legal.

Save your money because Sinopean people turn to be your Nanny.

Simit will be your morning friend and for that friendship there is no End.

Sip your Tea, and your Turkish friends already drunk two or Three.!!

Imagine you are watching that view forever. I am sure you will not leave this city Ever.

Inspiration you will get, just by watching the Sunset.

In Sakarya Street, you will find all the shops you need.

If you need a walk, take the Aşıklar Street’s side, a friend and Talk.

İnceburun, Ayancık can be nice destination if you have a car, good music a lot of patience.

Needing an alcholic night, just take the Marina’s side.

Night Club “yok” but Adabaşı with good music and some drinks can take you near the stars even with the Fog.

News, newspapers you will forget, “Dedikodu” is all you get.

Needing a Sunbath? Bahçeler, Kumkapı, Karakum will be your path.

OMG that view from the CASTLE can make you forget all the noise and the bustle.

Obese you will be if you get addicted to the Baklava and stopped running by the sea.

Old places and history you want, have a look on the PRISON and focus on its sounds.

OH! Briefly make your time in Sinop count.

Pain you can have from walking up to the top but

ŞAHİN TEPESİ is worth seeing at night, just be careful from the mosquitos that may bite.

Plan a journey to ERFELEK WATERFALL, meditation there can be an exercise for your soul.

Please say “müsait bir yerde” if you want to stop the Dolmuş, and practice Turkish, yourself Push.

EH! Anyways …

Page won’t be enough to describe Sinop and how leaving it is so tough.




“yok”: no, there is not

“dedikodu”: gossip

“müsait bir yerde”: available place

“dolmuş”: minibus


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