Rafael Back His Home


Our Portuguese volunteer Rafael Carvalho Simoes, who came to Sinop with our Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service project “Children of the Rain”, has gone for his home today. Rafael, who stayed in Sinop for two months, organised sports activities for the disabled people and helped their inclusion in the community. He participated in the poetry night which was led by poet Edip Turkmen to raise funding for the stray animals and the disabled people. He was the audio technician of the two films about vet volunteers and EVS in Sinop which were made by our Spanish volunteer, Maria. He took Turkish courses for two months and started speaking in Turkish. He enchanted his audience with his guitar. He adopted Narco – he put this name – a puppy from the shelter with his Italian flat made Francesca. He went to karate courses. He went to Ankara to visit the mausoleum of our hero, Ataturk. He made a lot of friends in Sinop and everybody loved him. We thank Rafael very much for his outstanding works for Sinop.

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