SEAL starts

Our European Solidarity Corps, Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas project, “Sustainable Environment for the Aquatic Life – SEAL”, funded by the European Commission, starts on July 1. A total of 28 young divers and artist volunteers from Bulgaria, Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Jordan and Turkiye will carry out sea and coastal cleaning in Sinop, which has the most accumulated coastal garbage in the Black Sea, and raise awareness among people and administrators in this field. Among our activities that will continue until August 6, we will end our activities with an exhibition with the garbage we will collect with beach cleaning, snorkelling cleaning, scuba cleaning. Among the participants of our project, Sinop University, Underwater Technology lecturers and students, Sinop Municipality, Gerze Municipality and Sinop Sustainable Development Association will support our activities with the necessary tools, personnel and experience. Our project, which means “seal” in English and “fok” in Turkish, will be dedicated to the extinct Black Sea monk seal, monacus monacus, which was last seen in the Black Sea in 1997, and the sad story of this marine mammal will be announced to everyone. Additionally, an underwater documentary film will be shot throughout our activities and the hidden truth underlying of the Black Sea will come to the surface. We will realize our project with the hope that no living species will become extinct, diversity will continue and humanity will adopt a nature-friendly lifestyle.

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