“SEAL”s Advanced Planning Visit took place

We hosted our partners from Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Jordan in Sinop between 18 – 19 April 2024 for the Advance Planning Visit of our European Solidarity Corps, Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas project “Sustainable Environment for the Aquatic Life – SEAL”, accepted by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency. Within the scope of the visit, we gave information about the project to our partners and organized visits to the locations of our activities that will take place in the summer months of 2024 and 2025. Sinop University, Constant Education Practice and Research Center, Sinop Municipality and Sinop Sustainable Development Association, which are the stakeholders of our project, will support our activities consisting of 5-day scuba diving, sea bottom cleaning, beach cleaning, shore cleaning by snorkelling and an exhibition of the garbage we collected. During the Advanced Planning Visit, we met Sinop University Rector Prof. Dr. Şakir Taşdemir and Sinop Mayor Mr. Metin Gürbüz in their offices and gave information about our project. Both our rector and our mayor said that they would provide all the necessary contributions to the project. We also showed our partners the HAL installation of our municipality, where the Sinope Sustainable Development Association’s Sinopale activities take place, where the artistic activities of our project will take place. Our project is dedicated to Monacus Monacus, which is extinct in the Black Sea and which is the name of our project, “seal” in English and “fok” in Turkish. We will work to the end for the survival of the remaining sea, land, amphibian and all winged animals, and we will do our best to raise awareness in this field for all people and authorities.

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