"WOW" projemizin el işi ve geri dönüşüm kursları sertifika töreniyle son buldu.


The handicraft and recycling courses of our Grundtvig project “Working On Women” have been finalized with the presenting the certificates by the mayor of Sinop, Mr. Baki Ergul.

20140128_111838  20140128_111858  20140128_111913

20140128_111924  20140128_111943  20140128_111958

62-hour courses were held by the experienced instructor of the Public Education Center, Mrs. Nermin Tansel and our learners had a great pleasure with participating in these courses.  “WOW” is an EU Grundtvig project which provides adult learning. The Turkish National Agency under the Ministry of European Union has financed our project

20140128_103921  20140128_104007  20140128_104101

20140128_104145  20140128_104257  20140128_104324

With the project, we will give English courses for 2 years. We will also continue on giving other kind of courses to help housewives to have more competences. Under this project, the Municipality of Albacete will host us and our French and Greek partners in Spain between 24 – 30 April 2014 to share their work.

20140128_111418  20140128_103939  20140128_105654_2

Eğitim Programları ve Evrensel ve Kültürel Aktiviteler Derneği – EPEKA Sinop halkımıza hizmet etmeye devam edecektir.

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